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1Consulting & strategic advisory

We are your trusted advisor in the world of data, AI & advanced analytics. We consult on optimizing existing data & AI capabilities within your organization. We jointly explore high-potential use cases. Together, we develop or review strategic roadmaps to harness the best of data & AI. We ensure that your activities transpire within a secure governance and risk management framework. And we advise on suitable technologies and vendors.


Discovery Workshops

We conduct tailored education workshops with you on key concepts and current trends in data & AI, when desired. Then we raise awareness of data, AI & advanced analytics potentials within your organization – the basis for a fruitful ideation process.


Finding your data & AI project

We assess your entire organization or selected business areas for high-potential data & AI use cases. This can include use cases to improve your top line (new product/ service development, for example), your bottom line (including more efficient processes), or use cases in the area of risk and compliance.


Maturity assessment

We assess the readiness of your organization regarding data & AI. The assessment focuses on data & AI infrastructure, processes, organizational structure, governance, and available skill sets. A benchmarking vs. industry best practices can be provided.


Building or reviewing your AI roadmap

We will jointly develop a multi-year strategic road map to ensure your organization becomes a best-in-class user of data & AI capabilities. This involves identifying and prioritizing use cases, defining required infrastructure (both tech-related and organizational), processes, and governance. We will also ensure required change management activities for a successful transformation to a data-driven organization.
In case your data & AI roadmap already exists, we will review it to identify improvement potentials. Our target is to have a coherent strategy that is closely aligned to your business needs to increase the Return on Investment (RoI) from your Data & AI efforts.


Governing your Models & Data

Once data & AI operations are scaled, it’s increasingly important to put in place a comprehensive governance framework. We assess your data & AI strategy for legal, operational and reputational risks and then develop an appropriate framework to mitigate them. This includes guidelines for model development, operation, disposal, inventory/ registration and risk management. We also advise on the build-up of AI Centers of Excellence.


Technology and talent consulting

We provide you with specific advice on the required tech set-up for the successful use of AI. This involves a tech maturity assessment while drafting a tech strategy/ tech vision and presenting tech-trend insights from our experts. We also advocate in selecting the right tech vendor. In addition, we advise you on required tech skill sets and screen applicants (internal or external) for you to match the best people with the most suitable technology.

Andreas Blum Head of Digital & AI Consulting Practice
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