Data Operations for Palantir Foundry

Offload reliability maintenance and scaling of your business-critical data pipelines to Unit8.

Data Operations is a service supporting you in the post-production deployment phase of a data pipeline. We provide continuous monitoring of key service level objectives (SLO) to ensure you always make business decisions based on up-to-date and trusted data.

How it works

  • We start with auditing your data pipelines and implementing improvements to follow best practices
  • We jointly identify all key datasets in the data pipelines.
    Unit8 installs data health checks to continuously monitor their status
  • Our centralized and dedicated team continuously monitors triggered alerts and resolves issues according to SLOs
  • As the data volume and usage grows, we implement scalability and cost optimizations to ensure optimal resource utilization

Solutions benefiting from Data Operations service the most

  • Application, dashboard or a report actively used on a daily basis
  • Centralized Ontology sourcing multiple downstream solutions
  • Datasets providing comprehensive view of the business used for ad-hoc analysis frequently
  • Foundry data exports powering external business-critical workflows

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