Data Platforms

Unit8’s Data Platforms Services Overview

Unit8 architects & builds scalable, secure & modular data platforms to ensure you can find, use and extract value out of your data.

Our broad experience from many successful on prem, cloud and hybrid data platforms projects in various industries combined with our talented team of experts positions us as the ideal data platform partner officially recognised by organisations like AWS, Dataiku, Microsoft, Neo4j, Palantir and more.



Unit8 offers an end-to-end portfolio of services to help you and your organization get the most out of your investment in the Data Platforms regardless of the maturity of your company on those topics.

Design & Build

Goal: Analyse your needs and recommend the most appropriate approach for your Data Platform journey as well as the architecture tailored to your needs. Collaboratively build the first or next version of your Data Platform.

What do we do:

  • Architecture design for infrastructure components and integrations with existing data sources and data consumers
  • Work hand in hand with our clients to iteratively build the data platform following best-in class practices and ensure operational handover to the relevant teams
  • Support for all relevant decisions and execution steps needed for a full use-case migration from legacy infrastructure to a new Data Platform
  • Designing efficient workflows for Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Business Users

Assess & Audit

Goal: Review your data platform against fitness-for-purpose measures such as security, compliance and architecture. This helps businesses ensure compliance and protect assets and data, by reviewing and improving the security of your data platform.


What do we do:

  • Assess the overall security of the platform (e.g. how data can be accessed, stored, etc.)
  • Assess compliance with current market regulations
  • Assess the existing architecture focusing on ingestion needs and downstream use cases


Goal: Address your common scaling challenges and pain points. Help you safely and efficiently grow your current infrastructure and use cases to take full benefits from your Data Platform.

What do we do:

  • Solve performance issues related to the overall growth of the platform and recommend optimisations for specific workflows
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs of running a Data Platform by setting up performance and cost monitoring tools
  • Transforming existing solutions to facilitate more advanced use cases


Goal: Drive the adoption of your Data Platform by training end users and developing end-to-end uses cases.
Help you in taking strategic decisions on your Data Platforms journey.

What do we do:

  • As part of our offering we continuously review the following items to help our client achieve best in class performance
    • Review the current team setup
    • Review existing solutions for compliance with best practices
    • Review existing business processes to identify use-cases that could benefit from leveraging the existing Data Platform
  • Co-development of PoC as well as end-to-end solutions
  • Drive/Increase platform adoption by training business users
  • Enable the client to take confident strategic decisions when it comes to their data platform journey

How to get started with Unit8?

1. Discovery consultation

Discovery discussion about your current Foundry needs and plans. Verification of how Unit8 can add value to your plans and help maximise the ROI in Foundry Typically 1-2h

2. Tailor made plan

Unit8 takes the results of the consultation, uses own experiences and creates a tailor made proposal leveraging our Foundry services Typically 2-3 weeks

3. Plan in motion

Iterations on the plan to reach an agreement on how Unit8 can support your Foundry initiatives. Often resulting in a PoC. Typically 1-3 months

4. Delivery

We deliver on the agreed plan to solve one of your identified challenges. Typically 3-6 months of several team members

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