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Unit8 is a certified Partner of Palantir Technologies specialising in delivering a broad portfolio of services on top of Palantir Foundry platform.

We have successfully delivered over 40 projects on top of Palantir Foundry platform for 10+ customers, across 5+ industries. Based on the lessons learned gathered by our 50+ Foundry experts we have created a Unit8’s Foundry related offering built on 4 key service areas (ranging from use case implementation to platform Operations) to help you get the most out of the platform.

If Palantir Foundry is your platform of choice – Unit8 is your partner to ensure you maximize your investment in it.

Certified Palantir Partner

Unit8 has been using the Palantir Foundry platform for 4+ years and has been recognized as a Palantir Technologies Partner. Unit8 has access to Foundry training materials, documentation, training platform, and respective educational materials, as well as the official certification program.

50+ Foundry experts

Unit8 proudly employs 50+ Foundry experts with diverse profiles, including Palantir certified team members. Our team consists of experienced Foundry data engineers, data scientists, solution architects, and Foundry consultants. Over the years we've built hands-on knowledge of multiple Foundry instances including both pCloud and on-prem deployments in industries like aviation, insurance, banking, and pharma.

Broad experience with 40+ projects

Unit8 has collaborated with clients to successfully complete 40+ projects on the Foundry Platform, in 5+ industries (aviation, banking, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, and more) thus acquiring specialized knowledge in many use case scenarios.

Trusted partner for 10+ customers

We have worked with 10+ customers who chose Palantir Foundry as their platform - Our customer list includes German pharma company, Swiss Insurance, Major Swiss Bank, French Production company, European aviation company, Swiss Manufacturer and keeps on growing.


Goal: Create business value by delivering Foundry-based projects as a comprehensive package, including post-implementation support, documentation and maintainability

What do we do:

  • Provide end-to-end use case implementation service including:
    • data integration & engineering
    • build-up of data assets and objects on the platform (ontology)
    • training and deployment of analytics and ML models
    • development of data-rich applications in Slate, Workshop, Hubble, Quiver, etc.
  • Document what we built to guarantee future maintainability
  • Ensure future-proofing by deploying standardised yet transferable data models
  • Integrate people from your organisation to avoid implementing a black-box solution

Success Stories:

Enable and Accelerate

Goal: Increase your internal proficiency level of Foundry adoption with dedicated coaching and training by Unit8.  Advance your platform adoption and maturity through the deployment of ready-to-use packaged solutions and accelerators.

What do we do:

  • Acceleration
    • Bring our ready-to-use Data Assets Management accelerator to speed-up the initial stages and avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks
    • Tasks such as measurement of data quality, monitoring the tool’s performance or providing foundations to the data model come pre-packaged in our accelerator
  • Enablement
    • Guide early adopters through the initial stages of platform usage and enable young teams
    • Coaching and training on best practises including: perform code reviews, design data ontology, create naming conventions, design security policies, apply best practices for pipeline scheduling

Success Stories:


Goal: Establish a data governance framework including data management and security best practices aligned with the goals of your organization.

What do we do:

  • Define a data platform strategy
  • Develop and implement a standard operating model
  • Review and investigate security, performance and usage analytics on the platform
  • Automate standard operational procedures including use case or data onboarding
  • Establish a model catalog to facilitate the lifecycle management of ML models

Success Stories:


Goal: Streamline operations of your platform with professional support from Unit8. Leverage proven operating procedures, automations and deep knowledge of the Palantir products.

What do we do:

  • Operational maintenance – Data pipeline, data workflows and applications maintenance
  • Performance monitoring – Performance monitoring and alerting
  • Cost optimization – Insights and cost optimisation, including pCloud and on-prem instances
  • Security and compliance – Security, compliance and data access monitoring

Success Stories:

Foundry Accelerators

What are accelerators by Unit8?
Unit8 accelerators are drop and deploy applications and workflows designed to streamline operations on Palantir Foundry and help you see valuable returns quicker.



Data assets management
This accelerator allows us to speed-up the initial implementation steps at the beginning of any project (i.e. data quality check, model performance monitoring, tools to lay foundations to build data models)

What does it do:

  • manage, evolve and grow data assets with confidence
  • strong guidelines for working with data assets to ensure common understanding
  • significant reduction in communication overhead
  • centralised, accessible data catalogue

Success Stories:


Performance and cost optimisation
This accelerator combines best-practices and tools we developed to optimise job execution time and reduce platform operating costs

What does it do:

Rapid growth of adoption and usage on Foundry platform often leads to resource contention and uncontrollable explosion of cloud infrastructure costs. Unit8’s Performance and Cost optimisation accelerator combines operational data from the platform to gain better visibility on resources utilisation and continuously manage and optimise costs.

  • quantify and attribute incurred costs to users & projects
  • identify bottlenecks and sources of resource contention
  • reduce disk spillage and job execution time
  • eliminate unnecessary job schedules

Learn more:

How to get started with Unit8?


Discovery discussion about your current Foundry needs and plans. Verification of how Unit8 can add value to your plans and help maximise the ROI in Foundry Typically 1-2h


Unit8 takes the results of the consultation, uses own experiences and creates a tailor made proposal leveraging our Foundry services Typically 2-3 weeks


Iterations on the plan to reach an agreement on how Unit8 can support your Foundry initiatives. Often resulting in a PoC. Typically 1-3 months


We deliver on the agreed plan to solve one of your identified challenges. Typically 3-6 months of several team members

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