Top Silicon Valley companies attract technology talent from across the world. Due to the nature of their businesses, many amongst the software engineers and data scientists they hire often end up working on advertisement optimisation rather than broader technological and real business problems. The result is that traditional industries— particularly in Europe— are increasingly left behind and miss the right talent for their digital transformation initiatives.

Unit8’s mission is to help non-digital companies, institutions and industries accelerate their digital transformation and fulfil their obligations toward business and society with software, AI & Advanced Analytics. Join us! Make a difference.

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Culture and Values

We are a solution-oriented company driven by three core values:

Customer focus<br> 

Customer focus

We are trusted advisors and reliable partners who always put our customers’ success first. Our mission is to deliver successful tangible outcomes and solve our customers’ most challenging problems with Software, AI and Data Science.

Team over individual

Team over individual

We believe in the power of teams. Each of us brings unique talents. We amplify each other’s strengths and complement each other’s weaknesses. The best idea always wins, above anybody's egos. We trust each other and have each other’s backs.

Positive impact on the world

Positive impact on the world

We think beyond our business. We believe that we have a responsibility to choose projects that benefit society, so we carefully select which ones we engage in and which ones we don’t. We commit part of our time for causes we care about (e.g. through pro bono work) and we share our knowledge and research publicly when we can.

Our Team

Our team comprises engineers, data scientists and executives of more than 25 nationalities who have helped the world's largest companies solve their business challenges with AI and Big Data. Based in Switzerland and Poland, but trained around the world, we bring decades of combined industry experience in artificial intelligence, consulting data science, software engineering and system architecture.

Are you the team member
 we are looking for?

We are ready to team up with people with strong client-facing skills and who are interested in unlocking the power of AI to help traditional industries. We value problem-solvers who have the ability to ramp up quickly in new domains and still produce amazing results. We care about collaboration, effective communication, openness to feedback, and alignment with our mission and values.


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