The open-source tool for time series forecasting and anomaly detection

Accurate Forecasting saves you time and money. Effective Anomaly Detection reduces costs.

What Darts can do for your business

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Large collection of classical and state-of-the-art forecasting models: from statistical models (such as ARIMA) to deep learning models (such as N-BEATS). We are constantly scouting research and bringing the best models to Darts. Some of Darts’ models have extra features not present in the original versions.

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Anomaly Detection

Detect and classify anomalies in your series: It’s trivial to apply PyOD, or Darts’ forecasting and Filtering models to obtain fully fledged anomaly detection models.

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Handling multiple series: All of Darts machine learning models support being trained on multiple series, as well as large datasets.

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Multivariate series: Each of the time series can have multiple dimensions, to more easily model complex systems

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External Data

Taking static, past, and future external data into account to improve your forecasts: Use some static information about your target series and/or past-observed as well as future-known external time series as inputs for producing forecasts.

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Probabilistic Support: Usually point forecasts are not sufficient. Darts’ models can output whole probability distributions or just the distribution parameters, for example to obtain confidence intervals or take more optimal decisions.

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Regression Models: You can also easily use your favorite scikit-learn regression model for forecasting your series

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A variety of metrics for evaluating time series’ goodness of fit; from R2-scores to Mean Absolute Scaled Error.

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Evaluating forecasts correctly is very important: Darts provides the tools to simulate and evaluate historical forecasts, using moving or expanding time windows.

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Understand what your model learned: from feature importances and shap explanations for regression models, to self attention for transformer models.

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Easy processing

Data processing: Easily manipulate and/or apply (and potentially revert) common transformations on time series data (window transformations, missing values handling, normalization, etc …)

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De-noise your series: Darts provides several filtering methods from Gaussian Process Regressor to Moving Average filters..

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PyTorch Lightning

All deep learning models are implemented using PyTorch Lightning: supporting among other things custom callbacks, GPUs/TPUs training, checkpointing, weights loading for fine-tuning, etc.

Entirely open-source, introducing...

by Unit8

Darts is an open-source Python solution for time series forecasting and anomaly detection. Its versatile toolkit enables effortless time series data preprocessing and model building – from classical techniques to state-of-the-art deep learning approaches – all tailored to your specific needs. With its user-friendly design, Darts makes it easy to quickly experiment with and compare a variety of models on any use case.

  • Open-source

  • Battle tested

  • State-of-the-art

  • Easy to use

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Technical support

Need help with Darts — applying it to your data, productizing the models with best MLOps practices, or improving your forecasts?

Data science consulting

Need any help on advance data science or machine learning use-cases? We consult and deliver both strategic and engineering/research services.

Custom development

Darts does not (yet) have the feature you need? Let us know, chances are we can develop it for you and provide you with a tailored version stafisfying your needs.

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