Revolutionary technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI & Machine Learning bring tremendous opportunities for companies to reduce cost and increase productivity.

The emergence of these digital technologies can provide significant value, yet the implementation process still poses major challenges, especially in the context of the manufacturing industry. Slow technology rollout, high system complexity and a lack of technical knowledge or digital expertise are just some of the key challenges a modern manufacturing company has to go through.

Whether you are struggling with operational inefficiencies, supply chain disturbances or inventory maintenance, our team of expert consultants and engineers can help you with a tailor-made solution, handcrafted specifically for your business.


Yield Optimization
 & Monitoring

We help our clients increase their OEE by significant margins by implementing data-driven and tailor-made solutions. Processing and interpreting existing data allows for visibility into the production lines in real-time, providing insights to make informed, proactive decisions. We also help develop dashboards and monitoring tools to visualise different KPI’s in real time through on-prem or cloud infrastructure.


Supply Chain Optimization
& Forecasting

Our state-of-the-art platform, DARTS, developed in-house, is capable of addressing any forecasting problem you might encounter. We can effectively predict changes in sales or variations in product demand or raw material prices. An AI system which gradually learns from incoming data can anticipate fluctuations in demand, optimize inventory levels and ensure faster delivery times.


Product optimization

Products can be improved for a variety of factors including cost, consumer preference and sustainability. With advanced ML models, we work hand in hand with R&D & product teams to create new products optimizing against the above mentioned factors and many more.


Digital Twin & Predictive Maintenance

Digital twins of products, production lines & processes allow customers to simulate and predict how changes in their environment will impact KPI’s, all from the safety of a digital environment. For example we created digital twin solutions to optimize a companies production scheduling strategy, ultimately increasing OEE while for another customer we simulated their logistics warehouse to prevent out of stock items.


Data Platforms & Governance

With our experience in scalable and robust data integration/analytics platforms and data management systems, we help clients leverage insights about their processes in real-time. We support them in all stages of the decision-making process and implementation of data architectures, governance and best practices to derive the best solution according to their needs.

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