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Azure OpenAI Service made easy by Unit8

With the OpenAI Service now generally available within Azure, your company can access some of the most advanced generative models in the world, paired with enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure of Microsoft Azure.

The new Azure OpenAI service can help you boost your team’s productivity

How Generative AI can be applied to your business?

How Generative AI can be applied to your business?

By harnessing generative AI, any organization can unlock a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it can enhance our creative processes by generating diverse and novel ideas automatically. In addition to creative applications, generative AI can assist us in optimizing complex business processes. It can analyze vast amounts of data and generate insights, predictions, and recommendations to improve decision-making.

By leveraging generative AI, businesses stay ahead of their competition by fostering innovation, improving efficiency, and delivering personalized experiences to customers. It’s a cutting-edge technology that can provide us with a significant competitive advantage.

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Learn more about the power of Generative AI

Explore the world of Generative AI through our collection of insightful and thought-provoking articles. From music composition to healthcare applications, Generative AI has opened up new possibilities for creative expression and problem-solving. Our articles offer valuable insights into the technology’s potential uses and practical implementation, making them an essential resource for business leaders and AI professionals alike. Don’t miss the chance to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence – explore the world of Generative AI with Unit8.


Discover the real-life use cases: Azure OpenAI Service made easy by Unit8 series

This YouTube series aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to utilizing the powerful capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service. Hosted by the experts at Unit8, this series is designed to help both beginners and experienced users alike navigate the complexities of OpenAI and harness its potential for various applications.


Unit8's Generative AI Accelerator

Setting the right foundation for generative AI use-Cases is essential for quickly iterating and delivering value.

Unit8 GenAI Accelerator deploys the infra and code on Azure that powers your GenAI use-cases.

The solution runs fully within your Azure subscription providing full control and customization options:

  • Configurable OpenAI or Open-source models,
  • Secured environment following best-practices,
  • Search engine to retrieve relevant documents,
  • Extensible backend (API) to power use-cases,
  • A collection of well-engineered prompts for many use-cases,
  • Integrate easily with Sharepoint and Teams.

Connect your data to the solution using sharepoint or connect your existing datastack

Serve models via applications or integrate to existing Entreprise chat or application via the API

How to get started?

Developments in the generative AI space have moved at a fast pace and it is challenging for many organisations to have a clear view of the opportunities and limitations.

It is hard to identify how to get started, avoiding pitfalls and ensuring adoption of best practices.


    A generative AI discovery workshop, with custom-made content to :

    • Gain insights

    Discover generative AI trends in your industry

    • Deepen your knowledge

    Learn best practices and avoid pitfalls

    • Get started

    Identify generative AI quick-wins in your organization.


    The outcome? 

    • Demystified and comprehensive view of generative AI
    • Understanding of generative AI potentials in your industry
    • Initial list of actionable generative AI use cases

    This workshop is meant for organizations that wish to boost their generative AI initiatives and scale their current capabilities to larger scale projects while aligning with their strategic goals.


      A generative AI acceleration workshop, with custom-made content to :

      • Build know-how

      Deep dive into generative AI applications in your industry

      • Determine your next steps

      Identify and evaluate your most promising generative AI projects

      • Focus & kick-off

      Prioritize a handful of pilot projects


      The outcome? 

      • Understanding of key generative AI applications in your industry
      • Overview of potential generative AI use cases in your organization
      • Shortlist of 2-3 impactful generative AI use cases to start with

      As Microsoft’s data & AI partner of the year in Switzerland, Unit8 can help you tailor these models to your company needs and incorporate them into your company architecture, for a seamless user experience and ensured data security.


        • Prompt engineering

        We help you design prompt engineering strategies to tailor off-the-shelf models to your business need

        • Model fine-tuning

        Together we fine tune the models, leveraging your company data as input, to further improve the results beyond what you can achieve with just prompt design

        • Custom guardrails

        We help you incorporate additional guardrails into the models, beyond the defaults provided by Azure OpenAI, to ensure your company-specific needs are taken into account

        • Integration 

        We integrate the service into your existing workflows and IT architecture, so your users can scale, enjoy a seamless experience and their data remains secured

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