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Unit8 is a leading Swiss data services company with a mission to help non-digital native companies turn data into value with a mix of data science, analytics and AI. We operate at the intersection of technology and business to accompany our customers at every step of their data & AI journey by offering end to end services. Based in Switzerland, operating across Europe.


Unit8 is a Swiss Economic Award Finalist 2023

1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies 2023


We take up the entire lifecycle of your data & AI needs.

We operate at the intersection of business and technology to accompany our customers at every step of their data & AI journey. Unit8 offers the following portfolio of data and analytics services:

Read more on how Unit8 addresses the entire lifecycle of data & AI needs. If you're about to start your data & AI journey, please have a look at the data & AI transformation pathway.

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Working with Unit8 to develop our Analytics Governance Framework was a great success. We were able to deliver the Targeted Standard on Analytics Management and the related Analytics Model Catalogue in a timely manner with a smooth implementation and large buy-in from the stakeholders.

Partnering with an innovative digital native company allowed us to gain speed and traction with our data & analytics initiatives (…) Unit8 played a pivot role consulting our internal team as well as implementing key components of our platform

Unit8 has been instrumental in our digital transformation program. Their data & AI competency, agility and efficiency rapidly brought us in the new technological territories.

Unit8 has been a helpful partner in our insurance company's recent data and analytics initiatives. They provided valuable insights during a workshop about IoT in the insurance sector and an input presentation about the application of generative AI. Despite our brief collaboration, we appreciate their expertise and reliable input, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. We recommend Unit8 for any organization seeking a competent partner for their data, analytics and AI projects.

Unit8 has been instrumental in designing and implementing Merck’s new, company-wide Data and Analytics Ecosystem. Given our very positive experiences, we will be looking forward to developing future key data, analytics and AI projects together with Unit8 as a trusted partner.

At Microsoft, we have made AI an integral part of our own digital transformation and I am delighted to see Unit8 enabling their customers to do the same.

Unit8 Generative AI Services

Unit8 Generative AI Services

By harnessing generative AI, any organization can unlock a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it can enhance our creative processes by generating diverse and novel ideas automatically. In addition to creative applications, generative AI can assist us in optimizing complex business processes. It can analyze vast amounts of data and generate insights, predictions, and recommendations to improve decision-making.
By leveraging generative AI, businesses stay ahead of their competition by fostering innovation, improving efficiency.

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