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Unit8 is a leading Swiss data services company with a mission to help non-digital native companies transform data into value with a mix of data science, analytics and AI. Based in Switzerland, operating across Europe.

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A new era of AI: a practical guide to Large Language Models

A new era of AI: a practical guide to Large Language Models

In recent months, Large language models (LLMs) or foundation models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have become incredibly popular. However, for those of us working in the field, it’s not always clear how these models came to be, what their implications are for developing AI products, and what risks and considerations we should keep in mind. In this article, we’ll explore these questions and aim to give you a better understanding of LLMs so you can start using them effectively in your own work.

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We operate at the intersection of business and technology to accompany our customers at every step of their data & AI journey. Unit8 offers the following portfolio of data and analytics services:


Data & AI Consulting Practice

We are your trusted advisor in the world of data, AI & advanced analytics. We consult on optimizing existing data & AI capabilities within your organization. We jointly explore high-potential use cases. Together, we develop or review strategic roadmaps to harness the best of data & AI. We ensure that your activities transpire within a secure governance and risk management framework. And we advise on suitable technologies and vendors.

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Data & AI solutions

Unit8’s core competence is in building custom data & AI solutions to match your requirements. Our proven track record includes the delivery of more than 50 projects to date and trusted partnership with institutions from Daimler to Firmenich and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Our services extend from end-to-end data & AI projects to product implementations. These include data engineering, AI model development, software engineering and integrations with your firm’s workflow to help any phase of project delivery. We thrive on data science, machine learning, computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Data & AI platforms

We design and build the best data science/ analytics infrastructure matching your needs.
Thanks to our extensive experience we can advise on questions like build vs buy, on premise vs cloud native vs hybrid; open source or vendor provided.

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Data platform operations and MLOps

We operate and maintain your data platforms, analytical solutions and machine-learning algorithms.
We advise and help implement MLOps principles and consult data governance frameworks.

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Data Operations for Palantir Foundry

Offload reliability maintenance and scaling of your business-critical data pipelines to Unit8.

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Palantir Foundry Services

Unit8 is a certified Partner of Palantir Technologies specialising in delivering a broad portfolio of services on top of Palantir Foundry platform.

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Working with Unit8 to develop our Analytics Governance Framework was a great success. We were able to deliver the Targeted Standard on Analytics Management and the related Analytics Model Catalogue in a timely manner with a smooth implementation and large buy-in from the stakeholders.

Michael Föhner Center of Excellence Lead Advanced Analytics

Partnering with an innovative digital native company allowed us to gain speed and traction with our data & analytics initiatives (…) Unit8 played a pivot role consulting our internal team as well as implementing key components of our platform

Walid Mehanna Head of Data & Analytics - Mercedes-Benz Cars Finance

Unit8 has been instrumental in our digital transformation program. Their data & AI competency, agility and efficiency rapidly brought us in the new technological territories.

Eric Saracchi Chief Digital & Chief Information Officer

Unit8 has been a helpful partner in our insurance company's recent data and analytics initiatives. They provided valuable insights during a workshop about IoT in the insurance sector and an input presentation about the application of generative AI. Despite our brief collaboration, we appreciate their expertise and reliable input, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. We recommend Unit8 for any organization seeking a competent partner for their data, analytics and AI projects.

Benjamin Theunissen Head of Artificial Intelligence & Customer Insights

Unit8 has been instrumental in designing and implementing Merck’s new, company-wide Data and Analytics Ecosystem. Given our very positive experiences, we will be looking forward to developing future key data, analytics and AI projects together with Unit8 as a trusted partner.

Immanuel Schweizer Global Head of Data & Analytics Architecture

At Microsoft, we have made AI an integral part of our own digital transformation and I am delighted to see Unit8 enabling their customers to do the same.

Andrew Reid Partner Development Lead - Microsoft Switzerland

Our collaboration with Unit8 for developing and industrializing machine learning models at the CHUV has been very successful. Their experience and efficiency strongly contributed to bringing us to the next level and making a first important step towards developing an intelligent healthcare information system

Dr. Jean Louis Raisaro, Ph.D. Head of Health Informatics and Data Privacy Group

Unit8 was able to quickly understand our needs and business challenges. We are very happy with the collaboration, and we do recommend Unit8 for their valuable Data Science expertise and talent.

Oussama Harzallah CTO at Greenbull Group

We take up the entire lifecycle of your data & AI needs.

Providing focused solutions and building powerful infrastructure. Our team creates comprehensive digital strategies related to analytics – consulting on data science, advanced analytics and machine learning. Have a look at these interesting and impactful case studies of data & AI projects realized by Unit8.

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