Data & AI Consulting

Optimizing existing data & analytics capabilities within your organization, from targeted support to full transformational journeys

We jointly explore high-potential use cases. Together, we develop and review strategic roadmaps to harness the best of data & analytics. We ensure that your activities transpire within a secure governance and risk management framework while advising on suitable technologies and vendors.

Data & AI consultants support our data scientists and engineers by adding business acumen to projects, technology strategies, and solutions.


Our team brings solid business expertise from a wide range of industries, including financial services, the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, and more.


Our experts have a deep understanding and experience with cutting edge technologies, collaborating closely with our data scientists and engineers. We can assess, select and implement the optimal technologies to best answer your business goals and strategic objectives.


Unit8 brings an end-to-end approach to answer your specific needs, by providing a comprehensive action plan from beginning to end, ultimately delivering the optimal solution for your needs and goals.


We offer workshops to support clients at all stages of their data and analytics journey. Workshops are custom made for your needs and presented to you by Unit8 experts. Discover AI, uncover data governance, or accelerate your activities.

Success stories:

What do we do:

AI Discovery Workshop

A workshop meant for decision makers looking to leverage their data. Unit8 will provide you with a demystified and comprehensive view of AI, an understanding of AI potential in your industry, and an initial list of actionable AI use cases.

AI Acceleration Workshop

A workshop meant for decision makers willing to bring their organization to the next level with data & AI. Unit8 will provide you with an understanding of key AI applications in your industry, an overview of potential AI use cases in your organization, and a shortlist of 2-3 impactful AI use cases to start with.

Data Governance Workshop

A workshop meant for decision makers needing robust and scalable data-driven solutions. Unit8 will provide you with awareness of the value that good data governance can bring to your organization, an overview of key roles, responsibilities & processes needed for good governance, as well as the next steps to lay the foundations or improve your data governance.

AI Regulation Workshop

A workshop meant for decision makers preparing their company to build compliant AI initiatives. Unit8 will provide you with an understanding of the current developments in the AI legal environment, an overview of legal pitfalls in the implementation of AI, and a list of best practices to consider for your organization.


We assess the status quo of your data & analytics efforts, your processes, and your capabilities before providing some targeted advice to reach the next level.

Success stories:

What do we do:

Assess the AI & analytics capabilities of your organization and provide improvement actions.

Our AI & analytics capabilities review provides a detailed view of your capabilities and maturity across business units. The review can be tailored to your needs and delivers granular insights which are comparable across business units and will provide you with actionable recommendations. For the review, we will deploy a proven methodology.

D&A platform advisory & audit

Unit8 will assess the current use of data & analytics platforms within an organization and a target picturederived from future requirements. A benchmarking of options will be conducted, resulting in a clear recommendation that also takes into account the organization’s overall strategy, regulatory needs, and technical skills.

Assess readiness for planned regulation in the data & analytics field (e.g., EU AI Act)

Unit8 prepares you for upcoming, AI-related regulations in your industry and jurisdiction. After a risk assessment of existing analytics use cases, compliance requirements are laid out, along with an action plan of how to achieve these. The goal is to build AI systems that are both trustworthy and legally compliant within the organization.

Select the optimal tech stack

Assessment of your technical needs before benchmarking & evaluating a diverse set of options; then defining a custom and optimal combination of technical tools along with a recommendation of best practices for your use cases.

Build a world-class analytics talent base

Unit8 conducts an assessment of your talent needs, before tailoring a hiring and upskilling approach based on your company’s needs. We help you with identifying, recruiting, upskilling, and managing your tech talents to boost both retention and growth, based on a best-in-class tech workspace.


We lead transformational journeys and empower your organization with data at all levels.
Enable your organization to evolve to the next level with our end-to-end services. We can help you with your data platform, build strong governance, set up or boost your AI & analytics Center of Excellence, or support your organization in reaching your ultimate goals in data & analytics.

Success stories:

What do we do:

Data Governance

Unit8 defines a data governance target operating model based on a comprehensive assessment of your data & analytics needs, following best practices on data governance. This can be supported by the appropriate tooling, such as a data catalog.

Model governance

Implementation of best-in-class model governance that allows you to build analytics at scale whilst at the same time keeping downside risks in check. With our approach, we jointly develop key governance requirements across the model lifecycle from MVP stage to production (e.g. sign-offs, documentation, access rights, the definition of role owners & responsibilities). This can be supported by the appropriate tooling, such as a model catalog.

Set-up of a D&A Target Operating Model or Center of Excellence (CoE)

Unit8 defines the CoE structure needs by analysing existing infrastructures, initiatives, roles, and activities. Alignment between analytics goals and business strategy is evaluated for each department. The design options, roles and responsibilities map, activities, and recommendations are designed to build a comprehensive CoE implementation roadmap.

Embed data-culture/data-centricity in your organization

“Data-driven culture is the belief and trust that data improves decision making across all levels of an organization.” After an assessment of your needs, we develop a tailored recommendation plan to foster data-centricity at your organization. This can be targeted at specific business units or hierarchy levels or be an overarching program. Topics such as training & awareness campaigns can be combined with lighthouse projects and improvements in infrastructure (e.g. low code/ no code platforms to empower the so-called “citizen data scientists” at all levels).

D&A (platform) roadmap & strategy

We assist you in developing a D&A roadmap that supports your overall strategic objectives. The roadmap includes platform functionalities and analytics & AI use cases in the right sequence to achieve maximum business impact. We also conduct strategy reviews of existing use case portfolios and provide actionable recommendations.

Consulting team

  • Andreas Blum

    Andreas Blum

    Head of Data & AI Consulting Practice
  • Houda Rouan

    Houda Rouan

    Senior Digital & AI Consultant
  • Giovanni Fassino

    Giovanni Fassino

    Senior Digital & AI Consultant
  • Thibaut Paschal

    Thibaut Paschal

    Senior Digital & AI Consultant
  • Laura Bujouves

    Laura Bujouves

    Implementation Strategist
  • Yohann Doillon

    Yohann Doillon

    Senior Data & AI Consultant
  • Marc Vendramet

    Marc Vendramet

    Digital & AI Consultant
  • Christopher Newson

    Christopher Newson

    Data & AI Consultant

Unit8’s Approach

Examples of Unit8 enablers for each project phase

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