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Transforming Business Operations with GenAI Solutions by Unit8

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At Unit8, we recognise the pivotal role Generative AI plays in driving business transformation. With a team of seasoned experts at the forefront of this revolution, we’ve spearheaded over 25 initiatives across various industries, including pharma, insurance, manufacturing, chemical, banking, and FMCG, to unlock the full potential of Generative AI for our clients. Let’s delve into some recent case studies showcasing the tangible benefits and real-world applications of Generative AI in action.

Here, we highlight recent case studies demonstrating the practical applications of Generative AI.

Summarization and Information Retrieval

  • How we use GenAI: Leveraging Azure Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI services, our solution efficiently synthesizes key insights from medical-related documents and addresses user queries. Through Azure Cognitive Search, relevant articles are swiftly identified, while Azure OpenAI processes these articles to generate concise summaries and references.
  • Impact: This approach accelerates information retrieval and enhances decision-making within the medical domain. Its flexibility allows for the extension of information retrieval to other public sources or internal company data, ensuring adaptability to diverse client needs. Ultimately, Unit8 solution optimizes information synthesis from structured and unstructured data, driving efficiency and informed decision-making.
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Secure Internal Chat with Azure OpenAI

  • How we use GenAI: At Unit8, we provide a secure internal chat solution based on Azure OpenAI, along with guidelines for evaluating LLM applications and sandboxed environments for safe prototyping.
  • Impact: This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of data leaks, accelerates LLM application evaluation, and prevents shadow IT. Our solution empowers organizations to leverage LLM technology securely and efficiently.
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Intelligent Document Insight Assistant

  • How we use GenAI: With our proprietary Unit8 GenAI Accelerator, we develop custom SafeChat, Q&A, and FileChat functionalities to streamline information retrieval, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance for our clients. Our solution is deployed in a secure production environment, inaccessible to the internet, and protected by an application gateway for authorized access.
  • Impact: Users benefit from time-saving information retrieval, simplified document management, and safe content generation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among employees.
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LLM: Driven Data Extraction

  • How we use GenAI: Addressing the challenge of inconsistent recipe data formats, Unit8 implements a solution to convert semi-structured recipes and flavor data into a more accessible database format, streamlining selection procedures. Our approach involves developing a prompt workflow to extract relevant data from internally deployed GPT instances and transfer it into a unified document database. Additionally, we create a streamlit app and workflow for human validation and corrections, enhancing the quality of data extraction.
  • Impact: By simplifying the validation workflow and postprocessing of extracted data, we integrate hundreds of existing recipes into a newly created database.
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Q&A Assistant to streamline Risk Operations

  • How we use GenAI: Addressing the challenge of understanding and staying updated on thousands of risk documents and policies, Unit8 implements a solution based on Azure Open AI and Cognitive Search.
  • Impact: Leveraging Azure Cognitive Search, relevant information is swiftly identified and retrieved from various sources, including PDFs, Wikis, SharePoint, and Excel files. The scope of the solution is tailored to the customer’s internal documents, ensuring compliance and confidentiality.
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