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1 Data platform operations and MLOps

We operate and maintain your data platforms, analytical solutions and machine-learning algorithms.
We advise and help implement MLOps principles and consult data governance frameworks.


Data Platform operations and maintenance

Our data experts will help in the secure operation and maintenance of your analytical infrastructure.


MLOps – operating and maintaining ML algorithms

After deployment, our machine-learning engineers ensure that your ML algorithms remain current, managing your ML algorithm lifecycle. MLOps is an emerging concept to bring DevOps-like practices into the ML field and help firms leverage ML efficiently. With MLOps, we ensure model reliability and reusability, reducing the duplication of technology and processes while enabling automation.


Governance and risk management

In line with the data and MLOps, we’ll also recommend a suitable governance framework including guidelines for model development, operation, disposal, inventory, registration and risk management, then with independent internal audits.

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