Unit8 Talks #17 – Advanced Analytics Trends for 2022

  • by Walid Mehanna, Tanvi Singh, Dr. Luca Baldassarre, Dr. Marcin Pietrzyk, Michal Rachtan, Dr. Julien Herzen
  • 47 minutes

Unit8 Talks #17 special edition

#Analytics is one of the hottest areas in tech those days. In Unit8 we follow some of the latest developments in this space, from academic research to industry. Based on expertise and experience from work with dozen high caliber clients we have distilled four key trends that we will be discussing with our experts.

In this video, you will learn from a panel of #Data and #Analytics leaders:

· Walid Mehanna, Group Data Officer, Merck Group
· Tanvi Singh, CCRO Head of Analytics and Data Science, Credit Suisse
· Dr. Luca Baldassarre, Lead Data Scientist, Swiss Re
· Dr. Marcin Pietrzyk, CEO, Unit8
· Michal Rachtan, CTO, Unit8
· Dr. Julien Herzen, Area Director & Data Scientist, Unit8

At the program, we are discussing among others, the impact of trends such as the emergence of #megamodels (like #gpt3), how to develop #AI with fewer data #semisupervised #syntheticdata, #datamesh, or the rise of #MLOps.

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