Foundry Cost Optimisation Accelerator

All - in - one solution to collect, monitor and report consumption data.

Monitor your Palantir Foundry spending efficiently


For Platform Engineers...

Finding low-hanging fruits for optimization can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

A custom solution by Unit8 will be scanning your whole platform in real-time and provides you with an actionable list of opportunities for optimization. You can easily prioritize your work based on the estimated cost savings of each action item and track progress in real-time.

Our solution is developed entirely in Foundry, using PySpark code for the back-end and Typescript for some of the custom front-end functionality. It includes repositories that collect consumption data from the Foundry API, as well as front-end dashboards built in Foundry’s Workshop for visualizing the stats.

Foundry Cost Optimization accelerator brings a level of transparency and accountability to your platform that is much higher than with Foundry’s built-in app. This helps you boost efficiency and prevent over-consuming cloud resources.


...and Platform Owners

When scaling up cloud platforms, resource costs always become an issue. This is especially true with self-serve platforms, such as Palantir Foundry. The self-serve operating mode can lead to high costs if left unchecked because not all users are aware of how to use the platform in efficient ways and might end up over-consuming its resources.

How does our solution help?

Our Foundry Cost Optimization accelerator allows your organization to:

  • Granularly identify wasteful resources in all use cases on the platform
  • See quantitative results of different optimization efforts by your team in real-time
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the costs of all your projects and use cases
  • Monitor how business units’ spendings compare to their allocated budgets

Unit8 has implemented resource monitoring solutions for 3 of its biggest clients with amazing results. This app embodies our accumulated knowledge from those engagements, and it is based on our learnings of what worked best in each case.

Gain the power to proactively manage your business units’ budgets. Keep an eye on the financial health of each unit. Unearth the common culprits behind unnecessary spending and receive real-time insights into how various optimization strategies impact your bottom line.


    Discover the cause of unnecessary Foundry spending.

    Our tool scans your entire platform for wasteful practices, so you can see how often each category occurs and how much it affects your bottom line. You can view it aggregated for the entire platform or divided by cost center or project. This gives you the power to make changes on a strategic level to create real impact, that would not be possible with just the raw consumption data.

    Identify business units surpassing the budget and those under consuming.

    Plan your platform budget more effectively by grouping resources to reflect the real structure of your organization. Get an instant overview of past and projected spendings of your entire platform and all its cost centers.

    Receive data-driven feedback on optimization’s impact on your bottom line.

    See live statistics on cost-related issues solved by your team. Get a dollar estimate for how each mission resulted in real savings and how your investment builds up a great compound effect over time.

    Uncover the potential goldmines for cost-cutting as you unveil the use cases and projects that hold the greatest promise. Harness opportunities that are only possible with our custom methods of comprehensive platform scanning in near real-time.


      View a list of alerts for wasteful behaviours on your platform

      Each alert comes with a recommended remediation action and estimated savings. You can quickly identify all the zombie schedules, unused object types, legacy dashboards and a myriad of other issues.

      Prioritize your efforts

      No need to get overwhelmed by the number of open cost-related issues. Each alert comes with an estimate of potential savings, so you can easily prioritize your work. You are also able to filter them based on category, cost centre and project.

      Identify trends in user behaviour

      Immediately see which use cases and projects have the biggest potential for cutting costs. See the aggregate stats to see which behaviours are the most common in different parts of your organization and how they affect spending. This way you can better understand how to educate users to make them more cost-aware and responsible.

      Keeping track of progress when new issues come in every day can be a daunting task. That is why we developed integrated tools into our solution, dedicated to all the brave platform engineers out there.

      Learn more:

      Track alerts in a ticket-like manner

      Incoming alerts on potential optimization are automatically spawned into a “backlog” that you can view in the dedicated dashboard. You can easily change and track their status between ones waiting for review, waiting for mitigation and solved. To make better sense of all the incoming issues, just filter them based on the category of the issue (e.g. excessive schedule, unconsumed object type) or the cost centre or project of origin. You can also sort them based on the value of estimated savings.

      Collaborate more effectively

      Assign a responsible team member to each alert. Feel free to add comments to a ticket to track progress in more detail or to add context for your teammates. Your conversation gets saved in one place, so you can easily reference it in the future.

      Get instant feedback

      See the effect of your work in real-time. Track the number of new and closed issues with daily granularity. View the compound effect of all your actions throughout the fiscal year. Monitor how your efforts translate into actual changes in spending, to learn how to be even more effective in the future.

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