Jörg Besier

Jörg Besier

Strategic Advisor

Jörg is a Strategic Advisor to Unit8.

With over 30 years of experience in the technology consulting industry, building numerous digital businesses and leading large international digital consulting teams, he provides valuable guidance to the management team of Unit 8 in developing effective growth strategies. 

At one of the leading international consulting firms, Jörg led various digital initiatives, growing teams in emerging technologies and analytics. As a co-founder of a health tech startup, he has firsthand experience in nurturing tech startups.

Jörg also possesses an extensive background in AI with over 25 years of expertise in this domain. Given the rapid progressions in AI and its profound potential for businesses, Jörg discerns the remarkable opportunity that lies ahead for Unit8 to capitalise on this technology and propel substantial growth in the market. 

Formerly Jörg was a Managing Director for Accenture Digital in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He currently focuses on building a personal digital care assistant for family caregivers as the CTO of Curaluna GmbH

Previous companies
  • Accenture
  • Bitkom
  • Curaluna

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