1Data and AI Transformation Pathway

Digital transformation begins at any stage, in ways that suit your firm: step by step or a bigger leap ahead. See the Data and AI transformation pathway including five stages taking you from becoming aware of the capabilities of AI to enterprise wide AI adoption.

1.0Gaining awareness

At this stage you advance your awareness of AI and its capabilities. We help answer questions including:

  • What is data & AI?
  • What does data & AI do for my industry?
  • What are the most promising use cases I could leverage?
  • Which specific solution should I implement first?
  • What is my company’s crucial business need and can AI address it?
  • How much time do I need for the first implementation?
  • How can I start my data & AI journey?
  • How can I create the right analytical environment and infrastructure?

We guide you through the initial phase of advanced analytics & AI adoption.

2.0Experimenting and proving value

At this stage you verify if your data can be turned into value promptly. To do so we jointly conduct a concise proof of concept or proof of value to answer questions including:

  • Can I see how my idea works without investing and risking too much?
  • Can I verify if my AI idea can turn into a project/ product?
  • Can I check if my challenges can be solved with data & AI?
  • How can I experiment with data & AI?
  • How can I prove data & AI’s value to my shareholders?

Our team joins your team to prototype solutions and prove the concept rapidly.

3.0Delivering data & AI solutions

This stage is about making an impact, turning your data into value by creating data & AI solutions. We will answer questions including:

  • I have data – how do I turn it into value?
  • I conducted a successful PoC – how do I create a scalable solution?
  • I want to embed an AI solution in my workflow – how do I go about it?

Unit8 ensures a successful data & AI solution build-up and smooth deployment.

4.0Scaling data & AI infrastructure

After these initial projects you may identify a need to create a scalable, secure analytical environment. Ensuring that your data-science teams function at full speed. At this stage we we address questions including:

  • How are AI capabilities scaled across the entire organization?
  • How do I build the data & AI infrastructure to scale capabilities?
  • How to best ensure that my data-science specialists can team up securely?
  • How do I fully harvest AI’s potential?

We design and build the best data science/analytics infrastructure to match your needs.

5.0Operating your data & AI environment

At this stage you have a fully operational analytical environment, requiring maintenance and evolving operations. We answer questions including:

  • My everyday life with data & AI – how do I maintain and operate it?
  • What’s best for securing my data infrastructure?
  • How do I operate my data infrastructure?
  • How can I make sure my ML algorithms remain up to date?
  • Which governance and risk-management framework is required to operate my data & AI infrastructure at scale?

We operate and maintain your data platforms, analytical solutions & AI algorithms and recommend suitable governance.

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