Unit8 Talks #11 AI in Chemistry revolutionalising creation to manufacturing process

  • by Julien Herzen, Andreas Blum
  • 44 minutes

Data and machine learning are poised to change the way chemical and pharmaceutical companies work in the future. In this webinar, we will give high-level examples of some promising data/ML directions taken in this industry. The emphasis will be on the business impacts, as well as on the technology transfer. We’ll be sharing real life examples of how chemical and pharma companies are leveraging AI to reduce costs, speed up the development cycles or improve production processes.

Who should watch?

  • Chemical and Pharma industry stakeholders
  • AI enthusiasts with the interest in AI in chemistry

Why should you watch?

  • get to know the State of the art of AI in the chemical and pharma industry
  • get introduced to the concepts of ‘predictive formulation’ and ‘predictive creation’
  • get introduced to the latest technology trends
  • see real life examples of AI improving the creation-to-manufacturing process

The session was delivered by Julien Herzen, Unit8’s Engagement Director & Lead Data Scientist and Andreas Blum Unit8’s Head of Consulting Practice.

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