Unit8 Talks #13 – Fraud detection & prevention within financial services

  • by Abdallah, Andreas
  • 32 minutes

2020 was a year of massively increased fraud levels for banks & insurances. They face unprecedented levels of attacks both externally and from within – losing up to 5% of their revenue to fraud every year. Traditional methods to detect fraud are increasingly losing effectiveness. Faced with the challenges of digitalization, financial institutions are becoming increasingly interconnected and open up new interaction channels to satisfy their end-users’ growing needs. This development creates novel threats of fraud causing potentially large financial losses. In this webinar, we will present to you the benefits of Machine Learning & AI technologies to detect suspicious transactions and protect your organization from fraudsters.

Who should watch?

  • Compliance Officers
  • Risk Officers
  • Fraud Investigation teams
  • Chief / Security Officers
  • Chief / Data Officers
  • Why should you watch?

Join this webinar to know:

  • More about the changing face of the fraud ecosystem
  • Why Financial institution cannot rely on the traditional methods
  • How AI can help you to build a robust fraud detection tool

The session was delivered by Andreas Blum Unit8’s Head of Digital & AI practice and Abdallah Djedid Unit8’s Client Engagement lead, both with significant experience in applying AI to financial services and baking sector.

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