Unit8 Talks #14 – How to get started on your data & AI journey – 5 steps to success

  • by Kamil Zalewski, Andreas Blum
  • 52 minutes

Are you struggling to kick off your data & AI journey? Or have you already invested into several AI Proofs of Concept but find it challenging to scale? Do you need a proven methodology to take your from A to Z when it comes to the data & AI journey? If so, join this session to learn about how your data & AI journey could look like.

As Unit8, we assist companies in the adoption of data science and AI, and based on all of our experiences we’ve formulated a methodology to guide you through the steps of the journey. During the session we will illustrate the methodology, its 5 steps and we will provide you with best practices on how to get started.

Who should attend?

  • Data scientists and AI enthusiasts,
  • Data leaders,
  • Analytics leaders,
  • Business stakeholders looking to understand what it takes to start an AI practice

Why should you attend?

Join this webinar to know:

  • learn what’s a typical data & AI journey
  • understand the proven metholodogy of the steps that need to be taken to kick off the AI journey
  • find out how to start
  • get best practices of how to navigate the data & AI landscape

The session will be delivered by Andreas Blum Unit8’s Head of Digital & AI practice and Kamil Zalewski Unit8’s Head of Growth & Client Engagement lead, both with significant experience in enabling and accelerating data & AI journeys for Unit8’s customers.

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