Unit8 Talks #10 Increasing development speed of high quality ML solutions with MLOps

  • by Bartosz Błażejewski
  • 46 minutes

Many companies are struggling to get the ML solutions to production and maintain them. Often process is quite manual and error prone. In this webinar, I’ll introduce MLOps which is an emerging concept to bring DevOps-like practices into ML field and help companies leverage ML in more efficient way. See how MLOps can help scale ML across the company in an efficient way.

Who should watch?

  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • DevOps, MLOps
  • AI enthusiasts

Join this webinar to:

  • get introduced into the MLOps topic
  • see how the collaboration between data scientists and operations can help manage production ML lifecycle
  • learn how to apply DevOps principles to ML systems (MLOps)

This session is presented by Unit8’s Senior Data Engineer & MLOps practice lead – Bartosz Blazejewski

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