Unit8 Talks #3 – On Technology – Real data stories Entity Resolution

  • by Bianca, Radu
  • 35 minutes

How to ensure deduplication when our data is spread out across multiple data sources? How can we tell that two records are the same? Entity Resolution enables us to answer these questions and to extract value from messy data.

In this session we will dive into what it actually is and why it is important. We will go through some scenarios and follow a live coding example from start to resolution.

Finally, we will discuss many practical considerations such as: preparing your data and schema, how one can assess ranking results and discuss some security aspects.

Who should attend?

  • Data/Software engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Product managers/owners

Why should you attend?

At Unit8, we are often asked to extract value from data and entity resolution is an example of how it can be done. Join if you would like to know more about what this is and see how it looks like in practice. We’ll discuss the benefits and importance of entity resolution, as well as some challenges you might face and how to manage them to get the best out of your data.

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