Unit8 Talks #5 – On business – Selecting a successful AI use case

  • by Kamil Zalewski
  • 55 minutes

In this session we’ll explore a proven approach to selecting a right AI use case, which has been verified on multiple projects we delivered on. The methodology includes several tools applied at different stages of the AI use case – all the way through the idea via the feasibility and impact assessment to creating an AI project business canvas which helps our stakeholders decide on an implementation of an AI use case. Value created, data availability, the business impact and the effort needed are some of the parameters used to select the most impactful AI use case.

We will then illustrate the methodology in practice with a real life case from the chemical industry and we will demonstrate how AI can be used to automate away some of the parts of the chemical formulas design and development that has been so far labor intensive and time consuming.

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders interested in how to start an AI journey,
  • AI enthusiasts,
  • Delivery leaders of AI projects.

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