Sven Brieden

Data Engineer

Sven Brieden is a seasoned Data Engineer with a comprehensive background that ranges from Physics and Robotics to Data Science and Data Engineering. He applies data and AI to revolutionize traditional organizations. Sven has lent his expertise to safer city navigation through the development of pedestrian routing algorithms, and has also worked on crowdedness forecasting within the tourism sector. Beyond his professional scope, Sven has shown a deep dedication to ESG principles, reflected in his co-authorship of a pivotal sustainability research paper focused on leveraging big data for sustainable behavior, particularly within the context of sustainable tourism in the Alps. About


Previous companies

Cividi Gmbh

Hontolab Gmbh

Fun fact

Alongside his passion for data

Sven has a knack for mountain biking. He even used to teach mountain bike courses professionally in order to finance his Physics studies. Talk about a well-rounded skill set!

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