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Analytics model governance in 500 words

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How do you ensure that your organization is capturing the value out of its analytics models? What are some key guiding principles for the governance of these models? Our Unit8 experts break down model governance for you and guide you through the steps to put it into action.


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    As AI activities become larger and start creating value across your organisation, traditional governance systems usually fall short. These advanced models bring new operational and reputational risks, and having systems in place for when things go wrong with advanced analytics models is of increasing importance.

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    As a general rule, we recommend taking a centralized approach to the governance of models. This can be facilitated by setting up a Center of Excellence (or CoE), an overseeing body whose goal is to bring your organization to the highest level of maturity in terms of advanced analytics. A CoE can wear many hats, but its key functions are usually 3-fold: First, create transparency on all analytics activities across an organization. Second, act as an in-house consultancy by providing specific resources to complex projects. Third, developing and enforcing best-in-class practices for the development, deployment, and monitoring of advanced analytics models.

    The first job of the CoE is to set clear ownership guidelines as well as precise roles and responsibilities for all activities related to the development, operation, disposal, inventory, and risk monitoring of analytics models.


    Andreas Blum

    Head of Digital & AI Consulting Practice, Unit8


    Digital & AI Consultant

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