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European AI regulation 2022

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Although the proposed EU regulation has not yet entered into force, the current proposal provides clear insights into the future development of AI regulation in Europe. With the proposed regulation to establish harmonized rules on the use of AI, the European Union is the first governmental body to issue comprehensive regulation on the subject. Nonetheless, it seems to be only a matter of time until other lawmakers around the world will issue regulations too.


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    Nowadays, AI solutions are radically transforming businesses all over the world. AI can generate significant business value and help organisations to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world. During this period of rapid AI adoption, companies find themselves at different stages on their AI journey: whereas some companies are just getting started with AI, others have already established comprehensive risk and governance mechanisms to manage and use AI effectively. Considering the wide application and far-reaching impact of AI, it is clear that the use of AI brings risks and ethical challenges that need to be tackled by organisations.

    Also, lawmakers have paid close attention to the developments in the field of AI. For example, the revised Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (revFDPA), which comes into force in September 2023, sets out transparency obligations for automatized decision-making systems.
    Moreover, other lawmakers around the globe are in the process of enacting regulations on the use of AI. 

    Download the executive summary

    Most noteworthy is the “Artificial Intelligence Act”. The AI Act is a proposal by the European Commission to lay down harmonised rules on the use of AI, with far-reaching effects. While the exact date of enactment is still unclear, it is likely the law gets passed in the coming years.

    Is your organisation using AI and potentially affected by upcoming AI regulation? In the following sections, we will provide you with an overview of challenges arising from the use of AI, details about the EU AI Act and its legal scope, and possible measures to prepare your organisation for the upcoming AI regulation.


    Andreas Blum

    Head of Consulting Practice, Unit8

    Houda Rouan

    Digital & AI Consultant,

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