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Swiss Data & AI Partner of the Year awarded by Microsoft to Unit8

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Unit8 is rewarded by Microsoft for its data and AI excellence

During the official ceremony on 19.07 in Microsoft Switzerland HQ in Zurich (The Circle) Unit8 was recognized as the Swiss Partner of the Year in the data & AI category.

The recognition comes as an award for driving the adoption of data science and AI within the Swiss industry, in particular for working with non-digital native companies and allowing them to leverage the innovations brought by advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

A strong relationship between Microsoft and Unit8

Unit8 was represented by Kamil Zalewski (Head of Growth), Michal Rachtan (Co-founder, CTO), Andreas Blum (Head of Digital & AI Consulting practice), and Fabian Schramm (Customer Engagement Lead of German-speaking markets).

The recognition came from Microsoft’s Catrin Hinkel (GM) and Andrew Reid (Partner Lead) supported by the entire Microsoft Partner organization. 

Delivering value to Swiss customers with data

“Unit8 takes pride in the relationship we’ve been forming with Microsoft for the past 3 years – by bringing Microsoft Azure Cloud technology and Unit8’s consulting and data & AI services to our joint customers, we are able to provide them with innovative data-driven solutions, hence allowing our customers to realize the business value quicker.

Entering a partnership with Microsoft allowed Unit8 to deliver unprecedented value to Swiss customers by bringing together Unit8’s core experiences and competencies in data and AI together with Microsoft’s Azure cloud capabilities, allowing our joint customers to realize the business value quicker” said Kamil Zalewski, Unit8’s Head of Growth.

Unit8 is a Triple Gold Partner with Microsoft

Unit8 became Microsoft’s partner back in 2019 in order to leverage industry-leading cloud Azure technology to deliver our world-class data & AI services. 

Currently, Unit8 is a proud Triple Gold Partner with Microsoft with a focus on Data, Analytics, and AI. 

Unit8 remains committed to driving the adoption of data science and AI within the Swiss industry.

Read more on the Microsoft website in English, German and French.


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